Welcome to the I Can Make Shoes online shoemaking courses!

I Can Make Shoes is a London based shoemaking school, teaching the craft of home shoemaking to beginners all over the world!

Where to Start

If you are just beginning your shoemaking journey, these courses a great place to begin!

I Bet You've Got Questions...

  • How long do I have access for?
    Forever! You can access the course at your leisure.
  • Is it easy to get the supplies?
    Yes! We’ll help with this in the courses.
  • How much does it cost to get set up?
    See the break down below.
  • Will I really be able to make shoes from home?
    Yes! And we’ve got thousand of students to prove it.
  • Can I ask questions during the course?
    Hell yeah! We’re here to help.

What's The Set Up Cost?

*Assuming you already have a domestic sewing machine.


Don't Take my word for it - take theirs!

"It was such an amazing experience! I never could of imagined to learn so much in such a short course. I will always be happy to say that I started my shoemaking journey with I Can Make Shoes!"
"It has been a thrilling experience. I love the shoes that I have made and I can't wait to do another course with them. This course has enabled me with the knowledge to make shoes from home. Absolutely recommend this course."
"It's been an awesome experience! It was super interesting to go through all the steps of shoe making and understand what skills and tools are required to make a pair. I won't look at shoes the same way ever again!!"
"Honestly, this workshop was a dream come true! The teachers couldn't have been any more patient, skilled or kind! The shoes were super fun to make and we were all very proud of our work. I would give this course 6 stars if I could!"

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